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Mar 11, 2012 6:30pm PDT
of the race. gingrich and santorum have split the conservative vote, giving mitt romney the lead, but santorum says in the end he thinks voters will flock to the most conservative candidate. >> we think the folks in mississippi and alabama will vote for the conservative who represents their values, that can present the best contrast for president obama. >> newt gingrich says he will do well in both alabama and mississippi. mitt romney did not campaign this weekend. >>> the faa is investigating a plane crash in a backyard in sacramento county. the small two-engine aircraft went down next to a home in rio linda last night after both the plane's engines failed. the family who lives there was having dinner, when everyone heard a puffing noise from the sky. >> it took my attention to the east and i saw what appeared to be like a flashlight coming out of the sky. then i heard a big thud. i just turned to my friend, said adrian, call 911, a plane just crashed in our yard. >> family members say if the plane had not hit a telephone pole, it would have landed in their dining room. the three people on th
Mar 25, 2012 6:30pm PDT
levenson, cbs news. >>> mitt romney will the fund raising in california this week, ron jones home in california and will be in the state monday and tuesday. among the events are a dinner in redwood center or diners will pay between 5000 and $25,000. he will be in san diego, los angeles and stockton. it the latest poll shows him with a double-digit digit lead in the republican primary race. according to a poll, 42 percent of republican voters support romney of 23% back santorum. newt gingrich and ron paul are a distant third and fourth. the army sergeant accused of murder but is not the case you and hearing about, what ended witnesses said that to the death of a california teen. they are back, he first major bay area rate is about to shine. >>> pierce that can up like a deck of cards but will be dealt with a good and more rain on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a former army staff sergeant accused of killing a teenager after an argument at a party that happen here bakersfield. sheriff's investigator said a 28 year old man was upset about a neighbor's party witnesses say he fired severa
Mar 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
creep me out office he says will raise concerns that tomorrow sentencing. ms. romney is a little closer to becoming the republican presidential nominee even though the race is far from over. the former massachusetts governor won the pr primary both he and fellow front-runner santorum campaigned in future primaries this today talking about the economy. santorum as the same economic back on the president has. this is a primary process where somebody had a huge advantage a huge money advantage in the establishment's and hasn't been able to close the deal and even come close to closing the deal fell the primary on tuesday. the winning pr rummy pickup 21 delegates now have newt gingrich politician is the 70 genies why is the company asked to charge customers more assemblyman jerry hill and utility reform network will urge the california public utilities commission to reject the plan at tomorrow's hearing. the proposal charges customers 95 percent of the cost policies fairness. if there is adamant they shouldn't profit from any of this because it that it does it. >>> is a $2.2 billion pipeli
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3